Joanna and Billy 3x05
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Joanna and Billy look into apprehension cases from the past six months. Millwood Family Services is apprehending children at twice the national average.

Kat and Luna discover a case where there was a report but no apprehension. The mother is Cali, a high school friend of Luna's. She's still pregnant with the child in question. MFS came to look around and she doesn't know why. They learn that she failed a drug test given by Cleardon Labs when applying for a job but swears she was clean at the time.

According to Mayor Shepherd, Mercer has a tape of Owen assaulting him and threatens to release it to the public. She advises Owen to apologize. He tries and Mercer tells him The Mayor put him in charge of the community safety advisory commitee. Owen leaves Diane to protect her.

Joanna keeps craving oranges. Diane thinks Joanna's pregnant. Joanna tells her about taking the negative test. Diane thinks she should take another test. The test is positive. Joanna wonders if Kodie's drug test could have had false results as well. They decide to look into Cleardon Labs.

Diane tells Joanna that teachers risk losing their license if they don't tip of MFS aboud possible abuse. She says the Millwood school most reponsible for sending kids to foster care is Legacy Pines. They go to talk to the principal and learn that MFS is an ally to the school because they provide funding for programs. They learn that MFS gets makes money for apprehensions. 

Billy tries to help a woman who had her son taken. MFS shows Billy photos of the kid's abuse. She says she called MFS on the dad but when she tested positive for drugs nobody believe her.

Luna and Kat kiss.

Joanna tells Billy she's pregnant.


Burden of Truth
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Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Luna: Have you ever been happy? Like truly happy?
Kat: Wow. Okay. Uh- Usually, people start off with 'nice weather we're having,' but ... a long time ago, yeah. You?
Luna: I don't know. I thought I was for a minute and then ...
Kat: It just turns on a dime?
Luna: Millwood was my home and then suddenly it was my worst nightmare.

Joanna: Why do you keep fostering?
Pastor Parson: Because a lot of these foster homes aren't safe; these kids need somewhere to go. But once they're in the system, it's never a happy ending.