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Bunheads Season 1


The girls secretly follow Michelle when she goes to audition on Broadway in the first season finale of Bunheads.

"It's Not a Mint"

When a fire threatens Paradise, Michelle and Bash turn the dance studio into an evacuation center on Bunheads.

"There's Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit"

Talia tells others her big secret while Sasha and Roman let people know they are dating and Ginny begins to feel neglected on Bunheads.

"Take the Vicuna"

Fanny doesn't take it well when Milly begins to dictate how a a recital should be run. Scotty and Michelle's road trip takes an unexpected detour on Bunheads.

"The Astronaut and the Ballerina"

Michelle's brother visits and Ginny feels abandoned after Melanie joins roller derby.

"I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky"

The girls are continually fascinated with their newest classmates and Sasha faces an upcoming move from Paradise on Bunheads.

"Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor"

What a hilarious episode title! This Season 1 installment is titled "Channing Tatum is a Fine Actor."

"You Wanna See Something?"

Michelle readjusts to life in Las Vegas on this Bunheads installments. Elsewhere, Sasha pushes back her return home.

"A Nutcraker in Paradise"

On the season finale of Bunheads, can Fanny and Michelle keep their relationship on track as the prepare for a recital.

"No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons"

On Bunheads, Michelle must handle a difficult barista and Melanie observes changes in Ginny.

"Blank Up, It's Time"

On Bunheads, Fanny reveals to Michelle that she has a long time boyfriend. Will Sasha's behavior cost her a premiere role.

"What's Your Damage, Heather?"

On Bunheads, Michelle proves she's no push over when on of her girls steals from her. Ginny is mocked by her friends.

"Movie Truck"

On Bunheads, Michelle's birthday plans must be changed when Fanny takes off leaving her in charge of dance class.

"Money For Nothing"

On Bunheads, Boo's friends are jealous when she gets close to an attractive bartender. Fanny's strange methods for handling her finances lead Michelle to offer her help.

"Better Luck Next Year!"

Michelle alters her living arrangements on this episode of Bunheads. Boo, meanwhile, tries to assure her mom that her audition will go swimmingly.

"Inherit the Wind"

On Bunheads, Michelle's joy ride ends with a confrontation in a strangers driveway. The girls have an ugliest feet contest.

"For Fanny"

Michelle does all she can to fit into her new surroundings on episode number-two of Bunheads.


We meet a ballerina turned Vegas showgirl on the premiere of Bunheads. She gets married and gets a fresh start in Paradise on this episode.

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