"Truth And Reconciliation"

On Bull Season 5 Episode 11, the origin of TAC is revealed when Bull tries to get a new trial for a wrongly convicted prisoner who inspired him to work in trial science.

"The Boy Who Cried Murder"

On Bull Season 5 Episode 10, Izzy asks Bull to petition the court to have her best friend's body exhumed when the woman's son alleges she was murdered.

"The Bad Client"

On Bull Season 5 Episode 9, TAC uses freedom of speech to defend a client, a controversial news commentator blamed for a man’s suicide after she accused him of murder.

"Cloak and Beaker"

On Bull Season 5 Episode 8, Bull's client stole his own research from the company he says buried it because selling medication is more profitable than curing diseases.

"The Head of the Goat"

On Bull Season 5 Episode 7, the TAC team defends a young mother accused of aiding and abetting her extremist husband in an act of domestic terrorism.

"To Save A Life"

On Bull Season 5 Episode 6, The TAC team represents an ER doctor being sued after she ignored direct orders to save one near-death patient in favor of helping another.

"Fallen Idol"

On Bull Season 5 Episode 5, Jason worries he can't convince a jury his religious leader client didn't kill his wife when a major secret damages his credibility.

"The Ex Factor"

On Bull Season 5 Episode 4, TAC braces for an un-jolly Christmas when they represent Marissa and her estranged husband against money laundering charges.

"Prison Break"

On Bull Season 5 Episode 3, Chunk represents a woman he believes was falsely accused of stabbing a prison guard to try to escape during transport.

"The Great Divide"

On Bull Season 5 Episode 2, the TAC team has a conflict of interest in court when Benny represents the plaintiff and Chunk represents the defendant.

Bull Quotes

Bull: Rule #1: The client is the enemy.

Marisa: The client's here.
Bull: Tell me he didn't bring his lawyer.
Marisa: His five lawyers.