On Bull Season 4 Episode 20, the TAC team helps Taylor bring a civil suit against the woman with diplomatic immunity who killed Taylor's friend in a hit-and-run.

Judge Duggan (Kelcy Griffin) - Bull
"The Sovereigns"

On Bull Season 4 Episode 19, TAC defends an idealistic judge who's on trial for obstruction after she helped a witness evade federal arrest in her courtroom.

"Off The Rails"

On Bull Season 4 Episode 18, TAC represents a train engineer with no memory of the fatal crash he allegedly caused, due to a brain injury from the collision.

"The Invisible Woman"

On Bull Season 4 Episode 17, the TAC team sets out to prove that the wrong person was arrested in the city's rush to stop an anthrax attack.

Trusting Their Instincts - Bull

On Bull Season 4 Episode 16, the TAC team helps defend a doctor whose DNA is connected to a homicide and they try to pick jurors who will follow their instincts.

Family Drama - Bull
"Flesh and Blood"

On Bull Season 4 Episode 15, the TAC team helps an old friend who is a professional gambler accused of murdering her wealthy father to gain her inheritance.

"Quid Pro Quo"

On Bull Season 4 Episode 14, Bull waits for Izzy to go into labor and contends with a trial connected to a high-profile college admissions conspiracy case.

Fertility Clinic Mistake - Bull
"Child of Mine"

On Bull Season 4 Episode 13, the TAC team represents a couple being sued by their baby's biological father for custody after a fertility clinic's mistake.

"Behind the Ivy"

On Bull Season 4 Episode 12, Chunk's friend asks Bull to help an athletic scholarship student's parents bring a wrongful death suit against the school.

"Look Back in Anger"

On Bull Season 4 Episode 11, the TAC team helps Marissa's friend, Stephen, sue a notable philanthropic businessman for abusing him as a child.

Bull Quotes

Bull: Rule #1: The client is the enemy.

Marisa: The client's here.
Bull: Tell me he didn't bring his lawyer.
Marisa: His five lawyers.