Ted - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Buffy, Xander and Zoe walk home after hanging out. Something seems suspicious in her home so she goes to investigate. She finds her mother making out with her new boyfriend in the kitchen.

Buffy interrogates her mother about how she met Ted and why she kept it a secret. Ted is a computer programmer.

Ted impresses Buffy's friends. First with Willow by giving her free computer samples and Xander with cookies. Buffy says shes okay with Joyce dating Ted but she takes out her frustration while staking a vampire later on.

Buffy is suspicious of Ted. He shows up at school and gives Willow the free samples. He asks Buffy and her friends to go out to mini golf.

Giles reaches out to Jenny after the previous attack. She's doing better but they're still on shaky ground.

Buffy vents to Angel about Joyce dating Ted. He tries to take her mind off of the trouble with kisses.

While playing miniature golf, Buffy shoots the ball out of field and fakes her score. However, Ted catches her and chastises her. He hits his leg with the club; he threatens to slap her.

Joyce thinks she loves Ted.

Cordelia treats Xander horribly in front of Buffy and Willow. He goes after and the two go to makeout.

Willow helps Buffy find out where Ted works. She goes to the software company and finds out Ted is a computer sales superstar. He's been telling his coworkers that he's getting married in two months.

Joyce defends Ted during family dinner and Buffy leaves the house intent on getting her rage out. Ted is waiting for Buffy in her room when she returns; he has searched through her stuff. Ted hits her and the two begin fighting.

She kicks Ted down the stairs and he dies. The police arrive to take the body away; Buffy admits that she hit him. They interrogate her and let her go after she reveals he hit her first.

Everyone at school is aware that Buffy caused the death of Ted. Her friends defend her, but they're sad a human died. Giles goes on patrol since Buffy is busy being grounded.

Joyce can't talk to Buffy since she's too devastated over Ted's death.

Willow discovers Ted's cookies include ingredients mixed with drugs. Cordelia, Xander and Willow plan to snoop around his home.

Jenny crashes Giles's patrolling since she felt bad about how she treated him. She accidentally shots him with a crossbow arrow. Giles uses the arrow to stake a vampire.

Ted appears in Buffy's room; he has returned from the dead. The two fight in her room and it's revealed he's a robot. He knocks her out and reunites with Joyce.

Xander, Cordelia and Willow discover a secret room in Ted's apartment. Xander finds the bodies of Ted's previous wives in the closet.

Ted begins malfunctioning while trying to take Joyce away from the house. He knocks her out. Buffy and Ted fight againl she hits him with a frying pan. She hits him again and he dies.

Buffy reassures her mother that Ted won't return. Xander informs the Scoobies that the robot Ted was created by the original Ted to reunite with her ex-wife and find new wives to replace her.

Giles and Jenny kiss in the library.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Buffy: Will, I'm not wrong here. Ted has a problem with me. He acts like I'm in the way or something. And Mom's been totally different since he's around.
Willow: Different...like happy?
Buffy: Like Stepford.

Ted: So Buffy, I bet the boys are lined up around the block trying to get a date with you?
Buffy: Not really.
Willow: Oh, they are. But she's only interested in...
[Buffy elbows her]
Willow: Uh, her studies! Book cracker Buffy. It's kind of her nickname.