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Breaking Bad Season 4

"Face Off"

It's all come down to the season four finale for Walt, Gus and Jesse. Who will survive?

"End Times"

Walt scrambles to protect his family this week, while Jesse learns a key piece of information and Hank leans on Gomez.

"Crawl Space"

Skyler is further stymied in her attempt to help Ted with his monetary problems this week on Breaking Bad. It just gets worse from there.

Walt doesn't show up for Walt Jr.'s 16th birthday this week, while Jesse is tested in the absence of his former mentor.

Skyler's past plays a role on this Breaking Bad episode. Elsewhere, Gus takes action against his rivals.


Skyler comes up with a laundering plan this week on Breaking Bad. Elsewhere, Hank actually asks Walt for help.

"Problem Dog"

Hank recruits Walt. Jr for an outing this week, while Skyler's business plan runs into problems.


Walt has a meeting with Bogdan this week. Elsewhere, Jesse continues to work with Mike.


Walt wonders about Jesse's disappearance this week, while Gus proves he's simply better at this game than his rival.

"Bullet Points"

The Cartel makes a power move this week, while Skyler and Walt make an admission. Elsewhere, Jesse is at the center of unwanted attention.

"Open House"

Skyler asks for Saul's assistance this week, while a friend asks Hank for help. Read on for a recap.

"Thirty-Eight Snub"

Jesse hits a downward spiral this week. He invites his friends along for the troubling ride.

"Box Cutter"

The fourth season picks up in the immediate aftermath of the season three finale. What will happen to Jesse and Walt.

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