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A recently-paroled Russian hirs Jonathan to search for the object of his infatuation. As a result, ae checks out the bar where she sings and convinces Suzanne, Ray, and Leah to have dinner there the following night without revealing his main intention.
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Jonathan tries to mix business with pleasure as he assists a hot single mom find her sons skateboard. George is up to his err her armpits in love with a young woman, while Ray is trying to help father a child for a nice lesbian couple.
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At a New York film society event, George introduces Jonathan to a filmmaker, who wants Jonathan to work on his screenplay with him. This brings about an opportunity for Jonathan to get some booty - but as luck would have it - the woman is really a 16 year old girl! He fleas the scene and realizes that he leaves the script behind at her home, which happens to also be her dad's office. Jonathan is now in a bind to get back the script without getting caught!
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Men face reality. Women don't. That why men need to drink.


I've always been intrigued by Stockholm Syndrome. Make me think of my childhood.