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The team's investigation into the death of a Marine leads them to a group preparing for the apocalypse. 

Sweets moves out of Booth and Brennan's house and into an apartment with other psychiatrists. Booth and Brennan have a hard time letting him go.

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Diane-- If you check the network site the day after a show airs, you can generally catch the episode. Sometimes they will even keep up to five of the past shows. Depends on the network. OR, you can buy the episodes through several legitimate places like Google Play, iTunes, HuluPlus.


I would like to be able to watch the shows that I haved missed and I don;t have a dvr how can I watch them on my computer ????

Bones Season 8 Episode 19 Quotes

Bones: Certain is an absolute, Ms. Wick. You can't be mostly certain.
Cam: Mostly certain's good for me.

Cam: Found the head! In the toilet.
Booth: Okay, that's a rough way to be remembered.