Body of Proof Season 3

"Daddy Issues"

On the season 3 finale of Body of Proof, when Megan's father's body is exhumed it leaves her with more questions than answers concerning what caused his death.


An escaped prisoner tries to convince Megan he's innocent even when a witness in the case turns up dead on Body of Proof.

"Dark City"

Megan and the team go into disaster mode when a plane crash triggers a blackout on Body of Proof.

"Committed "

When a mentally ill teenager is murdered inside an institution, Megan and Tommy must figure if the story another patient is telling is the truth on Body of Proof.

"Disappearing Act"

When a fund manager accused of defrauding people of $1 billion disappears from the middle of his trial, can Megan and the team prove whether a video shows if he is dead or alive on Body of Proof.

"Doubting Tommy"

When Tommy is found with no memory and covered in blood at the scene of a young woman's murder, Megan may be the only person who can prove his innocence on Body of Proof.

"Skin and Bones"

While investigating a savage murder Tommy is attacked by a man exhibiting zombie-like symptoms forcing Megan to work with the new Health Commissioner to find answers as Luke Perry returns to Body of Proof.

"Fallen Angel"

Kate asks Megan for help when her tryst with a mysterious Russian guest may involve her in a murder on Body of Proof.

"Eye for an Eye"

The investigation of a double homicide pushes Megan to speak to a grief counselor concerning her father's suicide on Body of Proof.

"Mob Mentality"

Someone on Megan's team is shot as they investigate a murder they fear is the beginnings of a mob war on Body of Proof.

"Lost Souls"

Tommy and Megan investigate a case of a dead child whose parents swear she was possessed by the devil on Body of Proof.

"Abducted - Part 2"

On the conclusion of this two part Body of Proof, with Lacey being held hostage Megan must keep vital information about a serial killer to herself or risk her daughter's life.

"Abducted - Part 1"

Megan returns to work after a traumatic event, runs into an old flame and tries to thwart a serial killer who's targeting combat veterans on the kick off of Body of Proof Season 3.

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