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-Two teenage girls are in a car accident. They've both been shot. Donna is pronounced dead and Carrie is in a coma.

-As Megan and her team investigate they realize that the girls were identified incorrectly. Donna is the one in a coma and Carrie has died. Carrie's parents are devastated.

-Carrie had a stalker but didn't tell her parents. She and Donna confronted the stalker, were shot, and then got in a car accident as they tried to flee.

-The chemicals used to develop film that were found on the girls' clothing lead the team to an artist center that still develops film. 

-Carrie's stalker is Susie, a fellow student who was in love with her and jealous of her relationship with Donna. Susie goes to the hospital to finish the job and nearly injects Megan with a lethal substance before Bud, Sam, and Peter arrive and save her.

-Curtis' boss demotes him for the identity mix up. Kate is back in charge.

-Lacy collapses while at home with her grandmother. She is rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with type one diabetes.

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Does this invole Lacey was she in the car accident?!

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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Aiden; The next time someone calls me with a broken sprinkler, I hope you'll understand.

The sooner I get to them, the sooner they can move on.

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