Body of Proof Season 2

"Mind Games"

Can Megan keep a serial killer she helped convict behind bars when new evidence points to his innocence on Body of Proof?

"Going Viral Part II"

As Kate and many others are dying in quarantine, the team struggles to identify the virus and find the man who is spreading it on the conclusion of a two part Body of Proof.

"Going Viral Part I"

Megan and the team are faced with a city-wide outbreak of a mysterious, lethal virus that puts everyone at risk. CDC Officer Charlie Stafford (Luke Perry) takes over the investigation to determine who and what caused the outbreak on Body of Proof.


A case of mistaken identity complicates an already tragic car accident that leaves one girl dead and another in critical condition. Lacy has a medical emergency on Body of Proof.

"Home Invasion"

The team must find the killer when seemingly perfect parents are murdered. Can Curtis handle his new position and will Megan's love life heat up on the latest Body of Proof?

"Occupational Hazards"

When a dead body in a car trunk leads to another body in a wall, the team has to solve two murders simultaneously. Will Kate survive the political pressures of her job on Body of Proof.

"Cold Blooded"

When the owner of a restaurant turns up dead in a freezer, Dr. Hunt and her team must decide if a man with alzheimer's is a witness or the murderer. Robert Picardo guest stars on Body of Proof.

"Sympathy for the Devil"

When a mother accused of murdering her young son is found innocent, can Megan and her team prove who killed her when no one seems to care on the latest Body of Proof?

"Shades of Blue"

When Peter's ex-partner becomes a suspect in a murder, he must choose where his loyalties lie on the latest Body of Proof.

"Falling for You"

When a bride takes a flying leap off the balcony, Megan must decide if it's suicide or murder and when Ethan and Peter vie for the same girl, who will get their heart broken on Body of Proof.

"Your Number's Up"

On Body of Proof, when a lottery winner is stabbed to death, everyone is a suspect and can Ethan find the cause of a young woman's death after a simple appendectomy?

"Gross Anatomy"

Can a star medical student help Megan figure out how a murder victim ended up at the medical school on Body of Proof?

"Love Bites"

When a pharmaceutical rep's body turns up with no blood, the team tries to find where it all went on this week's Body of Proof

"Hard Knocks"

What killed a 17 year old student found dead after a Rave? And will Tod move to California with Lacey in this week's episode "Hard Knocks"

"Second Chances"

Is Crystal Bowersox a killer? She stops by Body of Proof as an imprisoned felon who may be involved when a champion equestrian is killed. Can Megan's daughter help lead the team to a killer in "Second Chances"

"Point of Origin"

On Body of Proof. Peter rescues a young woman from a house fire and Megan clashes with the arson investigator played by Terry Serpico in "Point of Origin"

"Lazarus Man"

On Body of Proof, a man presumed dead who walks off Ethan's exam table leads the team to a shocking discovery in "Lazarus Man"


In "Missing" a young nanny is run down by a car and killed as the 5 year old child she was watching is kidnapped and an interrogation goes awry on this week's Body of Proof.

"Hunting Party"

On Body of Proof, many suspects emerge after a rich tycoon's new, young wife is shot during a "Hunting Party" while Kate and Megan's relationship takes a turn.

"Love Thy Neighbor"

On the season premiere of Body of Proof, the investigation into a fatal car crash reveals the seedy underbelly of a perfect looking neighborhood in "Love Thy Neighbor"

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