Body of Proof Season 1

"Broken Home"

Megan's personal life gets in the way of the case this week, which focuses on the death of a young socialite.

"Buried Secrets"

Dr. Hunt and her team investigate when a homicide detective is supposedly killed in a hit-and-run. Megan asks her mother for help.

"All in the Family"

A perfect neighborhood in Philadelphia is shaken when a stay-at-home dad is found stabbed to death. Megan recalls how she learned of her own father's death.

"Society Hill"

Megan re-enters the high society world to which she once belonged when a top magazine editor is found dead at her Chestnut Hill mansion. Megan's investigative tactics mortify her mother.

"Dead Man Walking"

Megan runs into resistance while investigating the death of a patient at the hospital where she used to work. Ethan becomes personally involved as real life wife Christina Hendricks guest stars as the identical twin of a beautiful corpse.

"Talking Heads"

When a severed hand and foot turn up in a back alley, Megan and her team must literally piece the victim back together. Meanwhile, Lacey films Megan at work for a school project.

"Helping Hand"

Megan discovers she has a personal connection to the victim. She also realizes how much she's been missing about her coworkers.

"Letting Go"

Megan finds evidence that a couple's death was not the murder-suicide it appears to be. Peter tries to help Megan navigate her relationship with her daughter.

We meet Dr. Megan Hunt on the pilot episode of Body of Proof. Her life has changed completely since a car accident.

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