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Boardwalk Empire Season 1

"A Return to Normalcy"

Boardwalk Empire concludes its first season with this episode. Find out what went down on it via our detailed recap.

"Paris Green"

Nucky shakes things up this week. Elsewhere, Jimmy deals with some difficult family issues and Van Alden addresses Agent Sebso's "temptations."

"The Emerald City"

The emotion of Van Alden grow conflicted this week, while Nucky asks that Margaret keep supporting his side. Elsewhere, Angela is surprised to see Jimmy's violent side.

"Belle Femme"

Margaret continues to work for Madame Jeunet on this episode, while Nucky comes to the conclusion that he must battle a rival. Read on for a recap.

"Hold Me in Paradise"

It's off to Chicago for Nucky this week, as he attends the Republican National Convention. However, events in Atlantic City distract him at the event.

Nucky revisits his childhood this week, while Jimmy becomes allies with a veteran. Elsewhere, the D'Alessio siblings get in good with Lucky Luciano.

"Family Limitation"

Margaret stands up to Lucy this week. Meanwhile, Nucky examines a theft on the boardwalk, as Jimmy gets in with Johnny Torrio.

"Nights in Ballygran"

Nucky's business is threatened this week. Elsewhere, Jimmy dealt with the aftermath of a vicious attack orchestrated by Torrio rival Charlie Sheridan.


Nucky aims to expand his territory on this week's episode. As a result, he lobbies powerful politicians, Jimmy forms new relationships in Chicago.

"Broadway Limited "

A witness threatens to expose those involved in the woods massacre this week, leading Nucky, Van Alden, and Rothstein to take interest in a hospital patient. Meanwhile, Margaret begins a new job at a French boutique.

"The Ivory Tower"

Agent Nelson Van Alden is on to Nucky on the second episode of Boardwalk Empire. He has suspicions about a certain crime and the treasurer's role in it.

"Series Premiere"

It's the eve of Prohibition when Boardwalk Empire premieres. We meet Nucky Thompson and watch his this gangster/politician reacts to the changing world around him.

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