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On Blue Bloods, Danny scrambles to find a woman who calls him to say she's going to kill the drunk driver who killed her parents and then herself. Rea on for more.
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The Blue Bloods investigation into a missing girl brings back difficult memories for Danny, who worked a similar case that he failed to solve in the past. Read our review now.
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Danny and Baez investigate when a drag queen from a reality TV show is found murdered in a park. Meanwhile Erin is abducted by a man's mother just before his trial on Blue Bloods.
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On Blue Bloods, Danny is desperate to save a Marine who beat his wife and kidnapped his son who he believes is suffering from PTSD. Read on for more.
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What happens when good friends go bad on Blue Bloods? And is someone who commits a crime forever a criminal? Those were some of the questions asked in...
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Blue Bloods Quotes

Frank: Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean. Who is neither tarnished or afraid.
Henry: Raymond Chandler?
Frank: His definition of a hero.

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