On Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 14, Jamie struggles with guilt after a mission he was supposed to supervise results in the death of an officer.

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On Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 14, the Reagans all deal with cases involving gun violence.

Erin and Anthony's case involves a guy who shot two unarmed black kids that he claims were trying to rob him. Erin thinks the guy is a vigilante, and evidence backs her up, but Mayor Chase wants her to take the opposite side of the case. Erin doesn't know what to do because Chase has power over her but she believes he is wrong.

Meanwhile, during a drug bust, gunfire erupts, and Eddie's partner, Addison, accidentally shoots and kills Sergeant Brenda Price. Addison is soon cleared of wrongdoing, but Sid has bad news: Jamie is being investigated for how he handled running this operation.

Jamie is convinced he is to blame for Price's death because he gave the operation to someone else to supervise while he finished a report for his commanding officer. Eddie and Danny disagree, but can they convince Jamie?

And finally, Danny and Baez must join forces with Texas Ranger Waylon Gates to catch a drug dealer and murderer after a drug cartel shootout.

To find out what happens watch Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 14 online.

Episode Details

On Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 14, Danny and Baez work with a Texas Ranger to find a serial killer and Eddie's partner accidentally shoots an undercover cop.

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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 14 Quotes

Anthony: People are calling him a hero.
Erin: They're also calling him a white guy who took down two unarmed black guys.

Eddie: We had a drug bust at this location a month ago.
Other Cop: What do you bet we're gonna collar the exact same knuckleheads?