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Jessica Gamin meets with Danny to tell him she’s filming a documentary on Ethan Goodwin who Danny arrested for murder after he confessed 15 years ago. When Jessica tells Danny that Ethan is innocent, he gets upset and kicks her out, even after she says her life has been threatened over investigating this case.

Later Baez, convinces Danny to talk to Jessica, and they find that her apartment has been broken into and she has disappeared. Danny assumed that it was Goodwin’s family pushing to say he was innocent, but then find out that his family still says guilty. 

Danny thinks a former Hellion gang member, Mason Grant, is involved. After he tries to find Mason, someone leaves a note at Danny’s front door. His son Jack runs into them and gets sucker punched. The note says that Danny needs to drop the investigation or Jessica will get hurt.

They soon realize that Mason was Jessica’ source. Mason says that Ethan didn’t commit the murder, his daughter did. Danny and Baez track down the daughter, who was holding Jessica hostage, but the daughter tries to escape by making a jump for a fire escape and falls to her death. Danny admits that he missed things with Ethan’s case and he and Jessica work to get Ethan released from prison. 

The DA’s office is pushing for selective prosecution on drug offenses, believing that some offenders would be better served with rehabilitation. Erin tries to track down a doctor, Lee McBurn she prosecuted and sent to prison, believing he’d turned his life around, but McBurn’s son says he got hooked on heroin in prison and has disappeared. Erin asks Anthony to find him. Lee is still an addict and has attempted rehab four times.

Lee’s son finally agrees to try and help his father, but Lee holds up a pharmacy and is arrested once again. 


Colin Taylor doctors a video making it look as though Frank is asking for the decriminalization of all narcotics. Frank is furious and plans to come out against the DA’s new selective prosecution policy, but when Erin asks him not to, he rethinks his message. After talking to Colin, who thinks that this is a war and all drug addicts should be prosecuted, Frank realizes that the issue is complicated and decides to hold off from making any statement. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

Sid: Boss, can I say one thing? The idea of you being at the arrest, I think it sends the wrong signal. We've got murderers, rapists, arsonists, all kinds of bad guys.
Frank: And I don't show up at any of those collars.
Sid: Exactly.

The minute she said she was looking into an old case of yours, she became the enemy.