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Danny and Baez rush to the scene of Carnegie Hill High School, a high school where there is a lot of violence. A kid named Hector has been shot and he doesn't really want to talk about the shooting. Principal Ward tells Danny that he asked for metal detectors and security cameras over a year ago and is worried someone will be killed.

The governor wants to talk to Frank and Garrett has no idea why. Eventually they find out that an aide of the governor's, Larry Cobb, was shot during an incident. The governor informs Frank in person that he expects him to discipline the officer involved. Frank says that there will be an investigation and if there is proof of wrongdoing it will be dealt with.

Erin is also called to a shooting in the courthouse, where she finds out a colleague, Mickey, was representing a gambling syndicate. Further investigation shows that Mickey was involved in some illegal racketeering and so forth.

Danny and Baez return to the school to encourage the kids who may have been involved to come forward with any info they have about the shooting. The kids laugh at the cops and are disruptive during their presentation. Afterwards, the teacher says the kids don't trust cops because they only show up when there's a problem. She wants to try to save the ones that are saveable. Baez encourages her, saying she got out of a bad neighborhood and maybe some of the kids can too. Later, Danny and Baez are called back to the school because a student has beaten up Chavez. The student, Theresa, is arrested, but Chavez encourages them not to press charges, saying Theresa is a good kid. Theresa tells Danny and Baez that she was forced to go through a gang initiation when she didn't want to but she wishes she'd taken the beating herself.

The principal tells Danny that he is retiring because he was unable to keep his staff safe or get through to the students. Danny tells him not to let a few knuckleheads get to him.

At the family dinner, Jamie talks about how he once wanted to be a teacher. Danny thinks he should go talk to the kids. Jamie is not interested.

Danny and Baez are called back to the school, where Principal Ward is now holding the class of kids hostage and claiming that this is what Danny told him to do. He thinks he is connecting with them on his level. Danny talks the head of the anti-hostage squad into giving him five minutes with Ward. He talks Ward out of shooting one of the kids. Later, Chazvez come to see them and says she is going to take the principal's exam.

Meanwhile, Mickey disappears and Erin's boss accuses her of helping him escape. Erin searches for him and he is found murdered.

The governor throws his weight around and orders an investgation into all police shootings for the last 10 years, but Frank has some info that gets him to back off.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

I requested metal detectors and updated security cameras 14 months ago. It would be nice if we got them before someone gets killed.


Danny: Weren’t we called to this school a couple months back?
Baez: A kid shot another kid in the cafeteria.
Danny: That’ll make you lose your appetite.