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When Pablo Gonzalez is shot to death in a brothel, each of the four prostitutes on the scene confess to killing him. Pablo offered all of the women better lives and then forced them into prostitution. Martina, one of the prostitutes killed Pablo after he found out she hid $40 from him and went crazy. She attempts to jump off the roof of a building but Danny convinces her not to jump. Then Danny and Baez arrest all the women who confessed, making it difficult for Erin to do anything other than give Martina a deal. 

When Frank finds out that his church donation box was robbed, he looks into it and finds that the fingerprints on the box belong to Mason Reyes who has a connection to the Priest who told Frank not to bother looking into the crime. The Father refuses to press charges. Turns out Mason’s mother was murdered in a home invasion. Afterwards, Mason got into trouble with the law several times and his Dad always bailed him out. Now Father Quinn is doing the same. 

Mason ends up back at the church, this time with a gun. Jamie and Eddie arrive not he scene. When Father Quinn tries to get the gun away from Mason, he gets shot. Then Jamie shoots Mason. Both men survive. Father Quinn won’t apologize to Frank for trying to help Mason. That’s his job and he’ll die trying. 

Nicky is pulled over for a broken taillight while driving her friends home from a concert. When her friends mouth off to the officers, the police search the car, find drugs in the backseat and arrest them all. When they find out who Nicky is, Erin comes down to the station. Nicky is being held in the Captain’s office. Since it was 2 grams of cocaine, it’s a felony charge with a sentence of 1 to 5 years if convicted. Nicky swears the drugs aren’t hers but she refuses to turn on her friends. Erin tells the officer to put Nicky in solitary holding until morning to help convince her to tell the truth. 

Nicky uses the name Boyle so that people at school won’t know she’s connected to the NYPD. Nicky still won’t snitch on her friends and thinks the Bronx DA won’t charge them all. Erin tries to explain how wrong she is and shows her that she’s already been suspended from Columbia until the investigation is concluded. 

The charges are dropped after Nicky lies to her friend Kyle, telling him the plastic bag with the drugs has been fingerprinted and tested for DNA and that his only chance for a deal is if he comes forward and confesses. Kyle does. Erin wants to know who coached Nicky on what to say to Kyle to get him to confess. Everyone denies it. Frank says it wasn’t him because Erin told him to keep a good 500 feet back from this situation but it turns out he had Sid Gormley call Nicky and give her advice. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Ok, is there anyone here who didn't kill him?


I'll be damned if I'm going to let her sit in the Captain's office sipping hot cocoa while she's being charged with a felony for protecting her friends.