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Frank is invited to the Police Unions Conference Party but turns it down. He orders Sid to go in his place. Then Frank decides to cancel the party because everyone has a camera and he wants to avoid any bad publicity. Sid stands up to him and Frank decides to throw it anyway, letting Sid appear the hero to the rank and file. 

Willis Stratton, a witness in a murder gets cold feet before trial and runs off. Erin gets a Material Witness Order to find Willis and force him to testify. When Anthony finds him and hauls him in, Willis still refuses to testify knowing he will most likely be killed. Erin offers him Witness Protection but he and his family have good jobs and good friends here. They don’t want to lose that.

Erin throws Willis in jail for refusing to testify and puts him in the cell next to the murder suspect. Anthony is aghast but Erin says she has no choice but to play hard ball to get a killer convicted. 

Anthony resigns from Erin’s detail because he can’t live with how she’s willing to do anything to win this case. 

Erin had Tariq recorded in jail where he threatens Willis. Erin uses the recording to get Tariq to take a deal for 25 years. Erin asks Anthony to come back and promises to never keep him in the dark again on her plans. He agrees. 

Danny and Baez investigate a shooting at a wine store where Joseph, a teacher is injured and the store owner is killed. Joseph gives the killers description as an average looking black man. Danny and Baez follow up on that until Danny realizes that they’ve been played. He thinks Joseph may have committed the robbery and then shot himself when he thought he was about to get caught. 

Danny suspects that the fun is still in Joseph’s backpack but he can’t get a court order to open it. Turns out the gun isn’t in the backpack buy Baez learns that Joseph’s wife is a compulsive gambler. They find her blood at the crime scene and she admits that she panicked and shot the clerk. Both husband and wife are arrested for the crime. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

I know it's a hard choice. The right ones usually are.


Sometimes my job is like a game of chess and I need to be five moves ahead.