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Jamie and Eddie respond to a man attacking a woman with a machete. With Eddie’s help, Jamie is able to disarm him without incident. A rookie officer, Cormack Philips, who was on the scene is impressed. He lets it slip that he is dating Nicky Reagan. Nicky isn’t pleased that her family knows because they are so overprotective. 

Erin is asked to look into Ireland’s Commissioner Farrelly’s father’s murder in 1974. Turns out his father was killed but shot in a Westies turf war but survived. He’s currently in prison for life on racketeering and murder charges. His mother told him his father was murdered instead of admitting he was a top lieutenant in the Irish mob. 

Nine bodies are found on Long Island believed to be killed by Thomas Wilder, the serial killer who has been tormenting Danny. FBI Behavioral Analyst Adam Parker works with Danny on the case. It turns out when Wilder previously blew up a boat, trying to kill Danny, his own mother was inside. Parker thinks that it’s because Wilder believed that she cooperated with Danny. 

Wilder calls Danny and lets Danny hear him talking to his next victim. The FBI releases the name of the latest victim without talking to the NYPD about it. Frank is furious and disbands the joint investigation. 

Wilder sends a note to a reporter saying that Danny Reagan isn’t a good detective and can’t protect helpless women. Danny fires back by having the Daily News run a headline that the Wilder is a sicko and a mama’s boy. Wilder is angry that Danny is using his mother to get to him so he decides to use Danny’s family against him but instead of going after Linda or the boys he goes after Nicky. 

Wilder uses Nicky’s cell phone to call Danny and lures he and Erin to his location. Nicky is okay and tied up in the trunk of the car. Nicky stays with her while Danny finds Wilder standing in a field waiting for him. He says he’ll always be in Danny’s head, then he makes a sudden move and Danny shoots and kills him. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

It's not an order it's a valuable suggestion or I could suggest it right over your head.


You know, my granddaughter's growing up. She's almost an adult so I'm just gonna butt out.