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Danny and Baez work with a Det. Mosey from Brooklyn Robbery on the case of Sean Mosey, a boxer who was robbed and shot after a big fight. There were two other athletes that were robbed in a similar fashion. Turns out Det. Mosey is Baez’s old flame who promised to leave his wife for her but never did. Now that he’s divorced, he and Baez begin their relationship again. 

They later figure out that the women Sean met after the party set him up. Later the limo driver is found dead in the trunk of the car at a garage and the attendant is dead in the office. The trail leads them to John Bell and his crew who have done home invasion robberies. 

Danny, Baez, Mosey and a SWAT team raid Bell’s residence and Mosey is shot saving Baez. Bell and his crew are all arrested or shot and killed. Later at the hospital, Baez walks out when she sees Mosey kissing another women while in his hospital bed. 

Jamie and Eddie help two women from Mexico, Rosa and Mirabelle, whose bags are stolen as they check in to a hotel. One of the bags contained the ring, a family heirloom, for the upcoming wedding of Mirabelle’s sister.. When detectives are too busy to put much time into the case, Jamie and Eddie investigate themselves and track the ring to the man it was sold to. He has video of the people who brought it in. The video show’s Rosa selling her friends ring. She is arrested. Mirabelle invites Jamie to go to the wedding with her. 

Thomas Scully, a cop who was acquitted after shooting an unarmed Muslim teenager, comes up for a promotion to Sergeant. Frank knows that putting through the promotion will damage all of the progress the NYPD has made with the Muslim community but Scully has down everything right since the incident and there is no other reason to deny him the promotion.

Frank offers Scully a transfer to five other PD’s across the country because he knows that promoting Scully in NYC will bring nothing but trouble for the other 35,000 officers in the city. 

Blue Bloods
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