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Blue Bloods Season 4

Erin's Difficult Case
"Custody Battle"

Erin is assigned the case of a cop accused of killing a suspect in his custody on Blue Bloods.

"Secret Arrangements"

Danny finds out that the District Attorney's office in investigating him for ethical and procedural violations and that his father knew and failed to tell him on Blue Bloods.

"Righting Wrongs"

Danny and Baez must figure out what happened when a woman dies soon after undergoing secret plastic surgery while Frank puts Jamie on an off the books case on Blue Bloods.

"Knockout Game"

Danny and Baez investigate a when an expectant mother finds herself of the victim of a knockout game on Blue Bloods.

"Insult to Injury"

Danny scrambles to find a woman who calls him to say she's going to kill the drunk driver who killed her parents and then herself on Blue Bloods.

"Open Secrets"

The investigation into a missing girl brings back difficult memories for Danny who worked a similar case that he failed to solve on Blue Bloods.

"Manhattan Queens"

Danny and Baez investigate when a drag queen from a reality TV show is found murdered in a park. Meanwhile Erin is abducted by a man's mother just before his trial on Blue Bloods.

"Unfinished Business"

Danny thinks a Marine who beat his wife and kidnapped his son is suffering from PTSD on Blue Bloods.

"The Bogeyman"

When a deadly new type of heroin hits the streets, Danny goes after the distributor, Frank takes on another route on Blue Bloods.

"Ties That Bind"

Danny has to investigate a childhood friend who now has ties to the mob on Blue Bloods.

"Mistaken Identity"

Danny and Baez meet with resistance while investigating a bombing. Frank deals with the fallout after a man punches an officer he feels was aggressive on Blue Bloods.

"Bad Blood"

Danny and Baez investigate a murder where the prime suspect turns out to be her brother on Blue Bloods.

"Justice Served"

Danny serves on a jury and finds that he disagrees with most of the jurors on the case while Frank gets a little too close to a hit on a mob lawyer on Blue Bloods.

"Drawing Dead"

An accusation of excessive force has the mayor threatening to charge an Officer with murder on Blue Bloods.

"Growing Boys"

Jamie's conduct is called into question when a gang member he chased is injured and Danny's ex-girlfriend returns to cause trouble on Blue Bloods.

"Lost and Found"

The kidnapping of a little girl takes an odd turn when her parents refuse to admit she was abduction and Frank must handle a police chaplain who was let go on e DWI on Blue Bloods.

"The Truth About Lying"

Danny must figure out if a teenage girl was actually pushed onto the subway tracks and Frank has to handle the new Inspector General on Blue Bloods.

"To Protect and Serve"

When Erin is taken hostage at the courthouse, Danny becomes the main hostage negotiator and Jamie faces the consequences when he goes against his lieutenant's orders on Blue Bloods.

"The City That Never Sleeps"

Danny's ability to be discreet about a film star shadowing him on the job becomes compromised when the star gets stabbed on Blue Bloods.

"Unwritten Rules"

When an NYPD police officer is killed during an armed robbery, Frank makes it his mission to see the guilty parties brought to justice but tensions rise at home when Erin drops the charges due to lack of evidence on the season 4 premiere of Blue Bloods.

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