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-Benjamin Walker, a criminal Danny put away eight years ago is released and blames Danny for the loss of his fiance and son.

-Walker takes Jackie hostage and straps a bomb to her, then he has Danny remove the bomb and go with him to the cemetery where his fiance and child are buried. He has Danny start to dig his own grave.

-Jackie tracks down their location after Danny manages to text the cab's medallion number that Walker drove to the cemetery.  Danny hits Walker with a shovel and he is shot and killed by police.

-Jamie doesn't get along with his outspoken new partner.

-When an officer accidentally shoots and kills a innocent man, Frank makes a public apology from the NYPD. The Police Union is angry and asks for a vote of no confidence against Frank.

-When the officer tries to kill himself, Frank goes in personally to talk the man down and saves his life, earning a salute from his fellow officers.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Frank: Grandpa's treating everybody to ice cream.
Danny: That's why we invite him.

You shoot, you score, you win. Now let's go get some ice cream.