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A lab tech’s methods are called into question and the DNA evidence in several cases is overturned causing criminals to be set free including Dick Reed.  Reed raped, tortured, and killed three women.

Reed’s fourth victim, Becky Witalski got away.  She freed herself by holding her bindings over the flames as Reed burned her bed.  Becky never had to testify because there was enough DNA evidence to convict him on the three rape/murders.  Now the DA needs Becky to testify to put Reed back in prison.

Reed accidentally runs into Becky outside of the DA’s office.  Becky is terrified and refuses to testify.

Jamie calls the FBI agent from last week's episode and asks her how she knew what he told IA investigators.  He then accuses her of being a part of the Blue Templar.  She hangs up on him.  Jamie is doing his own investigation and finds that a second cop on Joe’s team was shot shortly after Joe’s death.  She survived her injuries but left the force.

Another woman is attacked and stabbed in a similar fashion to Reed’s crimes but Danny deduces that this was most likely a copycat.  He and Jackie track down Hugh Staton, a fan of Reed’s work.  Staton has posted pictures of the victim on his website.

Staton confesses that he only took the pictures.  His partner James Ratchet attacked the girl after Reed egged him on when they met at a bar last night.  How could Reed have been at a bar?  His house has been under surveillance and they haven’t seen him leave.

The police raid Reed’s home and find his tortured sister bound to a bed and a secret tunnel in the cellar.  Reed is gone.

A man breaks into Becky’s home and tries to attack her with a knife but Danny arrives in time to stop him.  The attacker isn’t Reed but James Ratchet.

Reed is still on the loose.  He kills a janitor in the DA’s office, steals the uniform and then attacks Erin while she is working late.  As he holds a knife to her throat, Frank shows up.  He came looking for Erin when she didn’t arrive for their dinner date.  Reed taunts Frank and Frank puts a bullet in his head.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

She might as well have taken Dick Reed's hunting knife and stabbed you right in the back.


That's not bad, Harvard. A real Dr. Phil moment.

Sgt. Renzuli