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Danny, Lexi, Anna, Gwen, and Aiden all crash into Father Chuck's apartment. Lexi thinks Reece is the power behind Farouk, while Danny thinks it's the Brotherhood of Serapis that has stolen the mummies. They agree to do separate investigations. Gwen offers to help out Lexi investigate Reece. Aiden volunteers to track down Reece's lieutenant, Rick Yates, for Danny. Reece's father had hunted for Cleopatra. Reece met Zara Farouk when he was looking for Anthony and Cleopatra's tomb. Father Chuck is researching Zara. Danny and Aiden and Gwen and Lexi all end up where Yates' safe house. Yates drives off. Lexi forces Yates off the road, but he gets hit by a car and killed. Reece and Zara became lovers. Gwen pinched Yates' phone while Aiden grabbed a hard drive Yates had stolen. The missing Cleopatra painting from the Boston museum heist is hanging in the' safe house, so Reece was behind the heist. Reece had a child with Zara. Danny says everything in his life is a lie. Simon found out Anthony and Cleopatra are being held in a Paris bank vault, but they're about to be moved. Danny figures out there's another bug in the Brotherhood crypt planted by Farouk. So Aiden, Lexi, and Danny go to "rob" the bank. Alessandro recognizes them. Lexi has to cut into the vault. Gwen is with the cops that arrive. She finds Anthony and Cleopatra in the vault. The three "robbers" slip out with Gwen disguised as cops. Danny confronts Reece. Reece admits to being involved with the museum heist because his father recovered that painting. Reece said he'll turn himself in for the heist after Anthony and Cleopatra are returned to Egypt. Anna finds out Karim Farouk is Reece's son. Reece poisons Anna to keep his secret. 

Blood & Treasure
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Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

It seems like [Farouk] wants people to suffer like [Zara] did.

Father Chuck [to Anna]

Danny: We'll make our case and you tell us which one of us is crazy.
Aiden: Just one of you is crazy?