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- Weller ask Dr. Broden if his father's confession could have been because of a delusion from dying

- Jane breaks into Oscar's apartment while Weller is at Jane's safe house

- A flashback to Jane telling Oscar that she is going undercover and Oscar doesn't want it to be her but there seems to be some reason why it must be Jane

- Allie is at the FBI looking to Mayfair

- Weller and Sarah go to look under the fort

- the hacker (Anna) from many episodes is back an Jane ask for her help in tracing a number

- Zapata and Reade go looking for Mayfair at the address they provided her last episode

- Zapata and Reade call Patterson for help and she finds residual blood in the warehouse -- Oscar did try and clean up, they could smell it

- The stunts on this show are crazy good

- Jane uses Cade as an excuse to get the organization to help her

- Reade/Zapata tells Patterson about investigating Carter's death with Mayfair

- Anna is able to track down the order Oscar & the organization made

- Weller can't find any body under the fort -- he leaves the most adorable voicemail for Jane about how he feels about her

- Patterson confirms that its Mayfair's blood -- they decide to break into Mayfair's house to find the information she was using in her investigation -- they find a safe, they find a USB in it

- Weller sees a tent in his Dad's garage and it reminds him of an area called Fort Boone where they use to camp with Taylor

- Oscar tells Jane that he needs to wipe her memory again and that she was never Taylor Shaw

- Weller finds bones at the camp site

- Shepherd is the leader of Oscar's organization -- Jane ask about phase two and Oscar just says it's about burning the corrupt government to the ground so it can rise again from the ashes

- Jane kills Oscar after an awesome fight scene -- she spray paints "For Marcos" on a truck

- They crack the code on the USB file and one of the file names is Orion and Daylight

- Weller arrests Jane because she said she remembered memories -- Jane lied to him

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

So Taylor Shaw is dead. Who the hell are you?


When things happen in my life, your the first person I think about and you always have been. I guess, I just wanted to hear your voice to tell me everything is going to be okay. I’m really glad you’re back in my life Taylor.