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21 Of The Best Dancers On TV

21 Of The Best Dancers On TV

We've all pictured a world where we can execute majestic dance moves. Well, these 21 characters actually can and would be the center of attention at every party.
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black-ish Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Gap Year

blackish Review: Gap Year

black-ish Season 5 kicks off with a shocking announcement from Junior. Plus Jack and Diane are forced to make a big change in their lives. Read on for the full review!
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19 Left-Handed Characters We Adore

19 Left-Handed Characters We Adore

An overlooked and somewhat rare trait that only helps make some of our favorite characters more interesting. We've picked 19 of the best that also happen to be southpaws!
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21 Mentors With Feet of Clay

21 Mentors With Feet of Clay

They are the fonts of knowledge we depend on, the guides we trust to teach us all we need to know. But experience means making mistakes or worse. Check it out!
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17 Finales That Really KILLED

17 Finales That Really KILLED

Finales can be real killer episodes. Here are some of the shows that saw characters exit with finality this season. Which deaths were huge surprises? Sad but expected? Long overdue?
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TV's 17 Most Heavenly Fathers

TV's 17 Most Heavenly Fathers

WHO’S YOUR DADDY? Favorite TV daddy, that is. In celebration of Father's Day, we‘re counting down the most divine TV dads of this millennium!
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black-ish Details

Black-ish is a single-camera comedy about an upper-middle class African-American family living in Los Angeles, California. It is told through the perspective of the show’s star, Anthony Anderson, as Andre “Dre” Johnson. Dre is an advertising executive who fears his family is losing touch with their cultural heritage.

With help from his father, “Pops,” played by Laurence Fishburne, Dre tries to help his family re-establish their roots and debunk social stereotypes. The show also deals with everyday family issues such as when to have the sex talk, the controversy surrounding spanking, and helping your kids make friends.

Dre also has help from his wife, Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross), a doctor who is also the voice of reason. While Dre tends to let his emotions get to him, Rainbow is there to help calm him down. They work well together in their struggle to raise their four kids on top of their grueling full time jobs.

Dre’s concern that his family has become too assimilated begins when his oldest son, Andre Junior, starts going by Andy at school, joins the field hockey team, and announces he wants a Bar Mitzvah for his thirteenth birthday. While Dre works to teach him more about his culture, he also learns to accept that things are different for his kids than they were for him.

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This ain't our culture, we're black, not African. Africans don't even like us.


Wait, did they just put me in charge of the black stuff?