Big Love Season 5

"When Men and Mountains Meet"

It's the series finale of Big Love. What will happen to Bill and company? Read on to find out.


The Henricksons must fend off a threat from Alby this week, while Barb and Bill argue over her new church's views on polygamy. Elsewhere, Margene vows reimburse Pam for her Goji investment.

"The Noose Tightens"

Barb gets questions this week in her involvement with Margene coming into the family. Margene has to choose between her family and her new career in Gogi. Meanwhile, Alby gets his hands on something dangerous this week. Read our full review to find out what happend.

"Til Death Do Us Part"

Alby raises the stakes in his quest for power this week, while Lois questions Barb's future plans. Also, Margene receives counseling.


Bill must deal with a boycott of his stores this week. Elsewhere, Ben is displeased with Heather's decision and Barb squares off against her mother.

"The Special Relationship"

The Mormon Church sets up new obstacles for Bill to overcome this week, while Barb makes a life-altering decision. Elsewhere, Cara Lynn's adoption doesn't go smoothly.

"The Oath"

Bill must overcome anti-polygamist sentiment among state officials this week. Elsewhere, the wives resent Barb's actions.

"Certain Poor Shepards"

The Henricksons are all about remaining unified during Christmas, but they are tested this week following revelations from Barb, Marge and Adaleen.

"Seat at the Table"

Bill attempts to get more polygamists to come forward this week, while CaraLynn garners attention and Barb has a request of her mother.


Big Love kicks off its fifth season with this episode. Read on for a detailed recap of the installment "Winter."

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