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Alby is on the run and has one target in mind: to kill Bill. Meanwhile, Nikki will stop at nothing to keep Cara Lynn away from Greg.
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Margene puts two and two together and realizes that Cara Lynn is in a relationship with her teacher. Meanwhile, Barb and Bill may face criminal charges for being in a relationship with a then-16-year old, Margene. Read our full review to find out what happened.
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Big Love Details

Big Love is a drama on HBO about a Mormon family in Utah that definitely believes in polygamy.  The show stars Bill Paxton as Bill Henrickson and his three wives, Barbara (Jeanne Tripplehorn), Nicki (Chloe Sevigny), and Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin).

The show also focuses on their family of a combined eight children across the wives.  The families live in three neighboring houses and the show is into its third season.

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Big Love Quotes

Sarah: Why can't we just hire a babysitter like everyone else?
Barb: Because we're not everyone else

Margene: Does that mean you miss me more?
Bill: Officially... I miss you guys all the same.