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Big Brother Season 12

"Season 12 Finale"

Lane. Hayden. Enzo. Who will be left standing when HoH concludes and the jury convenes, and who will end up with the money when the votes are cast?

"Week 8 Eviction"

Who will be the final four on Big Brother this season? Read on to see how the votes fell in this critical eviction ceremony.

Ragan on the Block
"Week 8 Power of Veto"

Five house guests remain as Big Brother 12 goes down to the wire. Who will win the Power of Veto and how will it shape the final four?

"Week 8 Nominations"

Big Brother's field is being narrowed once again and Lane is in the driver's seat. Who will he put up on the block?

"Week 7 Evictions"

The evictions are held in the Big Brother house and are the most important yet. See why here.

"Week 7 Power of Veto"

The all-important Power of Veto competition is held. Will either Enzo or Brendon come off the block?

Enzo Palumbo Picture
"Week 7 Nominations"

Britney held the power last night and nominated two people for eviction. The question is whether she made the right choice.

Britney Haynes Picture
"Week 6 Eviction"

How will the votes fall and who will be evicted on Big Brother? Will the new Head of Household immediately target Brendon?

"Week 6 Power of Veto"

The Power of Veto competition is held and Ragan and Lane will have to battle to get themselves off the block. Will they be successful?

"Week 6 Nominations"

Brendon seizes control of the house with a victory in the Head of Household competition. Will he avenge Rachel or make the best deal for him?

"Week 5 Eviction"

Brendon or Rachel. One of the two is going home. Will the latter's ploy to sacrifice himself for the former pay off?

Jordan and Jeff
"Week 5 Power of Veto"

The Power of Veto competition is critical as Brendon and Rachel seek to beat the odds again. Meanwhile, Jeff and Jordan stop by!

Matt (Big Brother 12)
"Week 5 Nominations"

The Head of Household competition was won by a familiar face. Find out what he or she did with Pandora's Box and who he or she put up.

"Week 4 Eviction"

The fourth house guest is evicted from Big Brother tonight. Will it be Hayden or Kristen? See who was sent home ...

"Week 4 Power of Veto"

The Power of Veto competition is held. Who won it, and was it used? The answer may surprise you.

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