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Being Human Season 1

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You"

The season finale left all of our protagonists in between life and death, and standing beside one another as a family.

"You're the One That I Haunt"

Josh and Nora finally get some good news this week, while Sally's door appears. Read on for a recap of "You're the One That I Haunt."

"Going Dutch"

Aidan must choose sides on this episode, while Sally faces a dilemma of her own: she squares off against an exorcist.

"Dog Eat Dog"

Mark Pellegrino plays a key role on this episode of Being Human. It focuses on flashbacks to the past of Bishop.

"I Want You Back (From the Dead)"

Aidan is placed in a difficult spot this week when Bernie gets hit by a car. Elsewhere, Sally meets a former crush in the haunted area of the hospital.

"Children Shouldn't Play With Undead Things"

Sally meets dozens of lost ghosts in an old wing of the hospital, and doesn't believe she is like them. She throws a pity party for herself and tells Josh how lucky he is to be alive, until she sees him change.

"I See Your True Colors...and That's Why I Hate You"

It's back to their parents' house for Emily and Josh, while Aidan confronts Bishop over the attack on Emily. Elsewhere, Sally attempts to reach out to Bridget.

"It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong"

Marcus exacts revenge in the worst way possible this week. Elsewhere, Aidan and Rebecca get close.

"The End of the World as We Knew It"

Sally has a disturbing flashback and also makes an unsettling discovery this week. Elsewhere, Aidan tells Ray he has to leave.

"Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)"

Josh meets a fellow werewolf this week. Elsewhere, Aidan gets into a co-dependent relationship with Rebecca.

"Something to Watch Over Me"

Aidan is confronted by a different kind of ghost on the third episode of Being Human. Meanwhile, Josh is haunted by the concept of a regular life.

"There Goes the Neighborhood - Part 2"

This is the second episode of Being Human, as it continues to introduce its three main characters and their unusual lives to the audience.

"There Goes The Neighborhood - Part 1"

We're introduced to Being Human's three leads this week. One is a vampire, another a ghost and the third is a werewolf.

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