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On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 8, Cat and Vincent are in the middle of their wedding rehearsal when Vincent gets a call saying Julianna has woken up from her coma. Vincent, JT and Tess all agree to keep the information from Cat because they don't want to ruin her wedding day. 

At the hospital, Julianna tries to convince Tess and Vincent they need to help her because there is a guy she helped out named Liam who is even more powerful than Vincent. Tess doesn't want to believe her, but Vincent wants to tell Cat this new information about Liam. Tess eventually convinces Vincent to still keep this whole thing a secret because they really don't know if what Julianna is telling them is the truth. At the wedding rehearsal party, Tess and Vincent find out Julianna has escaped from the hospital and, with the help of JT, they try to find her.

Tess and Vincent are able to track her down, but she again escapes their clutches. Meanwhile, JT is doing a search of possible suspects that fit Liam's description and assures Vincent all of the people he's found are nowhere near New York. JT tells Vincent he can try to track Julianna, but it appears Liam isn't going to make an appearance at the wedding. While Vincent is on Julianna's trail, Cat finds out Julianna has escaped and is enraged with her friends for keeping the secret from her. Tess convinces her she has nothing to worry about and she should focus on her wedding and Cat agrees.

Cat is greeted outside the station by a limo, but once she gets in she is attacked by Julianna. Tess and Vincent figure out the only reason Julianna would go after Cat is to get to Vincent. Vincent is able to stop the limo and Cat throws a beaten Julianna into Vincent's arms. Vincent apologizes to Cat and they both agree to continue on with the wedding.

At the church, Julianna tries to convince them they need to let her go because Liam will be going after her, but JT instead shoots Julianna with a tranquilizer and the wedding begins. Unfortunately, Tess gets information about Liam being in New York, but she tries to keep it a secret from Cat until the wedding is over. Liam shows up just as Vincent and Cat are about to start their wedding and kills Julianna. The wedding is called off and Cat comes to the realization she is done going after people who aren't after her or the people she cares about.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

JT: What did I do?
Tess: JT, this is not the time, OK.
JT: But I don't know what I did wrong.
Tess: You weren't there for me JT. I just wanted you to care about what I was going through and you didn't.
JT: Because I was trying to save Vincent. What was I supposed to do?
Tess: You were supposed to be there for me too. Did Vincent put his relationship on hold with Cat when you needed saving? No. He never does.

Vincent: You're saying we keep this from Catherine?
Tess: Yeah I am. At least until after the wedding, which is what, ten, eleven hours from now? Why ruin it for her? Why ruin it for you?
JT: It's your call big guy.
Vincent: Catherine is gonna kill me if she finds out about this and blows up in her face, right?