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Jenna decided to move in with Luke to advance their relationship to the next level. Her mother and father were very happy about this change for their daughter because it meant one less person in the shower every morning. 

Luke was happy about them moving in together, but Jenna got paranoid when he had to go on a night out with their boss and made her frustration felt, but he made her feel silly when she pulled him up about it. 

They decided that they didn't want to keep their relationship secret much longer, so Jenna decided to write a tell all tale about their relationship, but Luke was furious because it meant the boss would know about how Jenna got the internship.

Lacey got pissed off with Matty when he ditched their presentation because Sully got him drunk. She hauled some harsh words at him and it made him realize that Sully wouldn't help him get to where he wants to go in life. 

He broke up with her and she took it surprisingly well. 

Tamara's debt continued to pile up and she turned to prostitution to help clear it off. 

Lissa went after Ophelia after making Jake feel bad about where he came from.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Sadie: You and Patrick are gross.
Tamara: You know what else is gross? This dress.

I just feel like a dumb townie.