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  • Jenna tells Matty what she thinks is the perfect date thinking Jake asked him Matty to ask her. Matty uses the information to bring his own date on a romantic evening.
  • Jake knows what the perfect date is for Jenna and what she likes, but Jake and Jenna end up seated right next to Matty and his date. The date doesn't go very well for Jenna.
  • As Jake walks Jenna to her door he tells her he loves her, and Jenna replies with awesome.
  • Tamara and Ming attend an I Hate Valentine's Day Party where Ming gets close to another Asian guy, and Tamara finds Ricky and Sadie making out in the bathroom.
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Awkward Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

What am I doing? I've been spending my whole night trying to out-douche a douche.


Tamara: Am I cockblocking?
Ming: Yes!