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Ashley and the gang walk into Brock's house, who isn't too happy to see them. Ash just wants to go into his old room until things are taken care of then they'll be on their way.

When they get upstairs, Ash sees Cheryl's room and has memories.

For reasons only clear in a horror movie, Ruby decides they need to get the Necromonicon before they kill her kids.

Where is it? Inside a dead body. Cut to the morgue, where dude is doing some cutting and bone chiseling.

Looks like her children are already there. Or at least some connected Deadites. The worst, most horrific thing to happen on AvED?? Slicing the coroner's Achilles's tendon. OMG.

Kelly is fighting Ruby over her poor choice of hiding places.

Nobody trusts Ruby, so Pablo would like a minute with her and the Kandarian dagger. Granted. Kelly and Ash go out to the car.

Ash sees his old flame Lillian Pendergrass on the street and recalls boning her. Then she walks up to the house. His dad is boning her now.

The bodies sure pile up quick in Elk Grove, Michigan. Ash and Kelly are at the morgue, wondering which body holds the Necromonicon. Ash takes out the bone saw, but it's a piece of crap. He starts ravaging bodies with nearby chainsaw.

Ashy Slashy lives.

Pablo wants to know what Ruby did to him. Ruby is impressed. She didn't expect him to deceive Ash like that. But she has no idea what he's talking about.

The morgue now looks like an episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead. He finds the book. There are intestines wrapped around it which are not willing to let go so easily.

Kelly tried getting a pop, but it stole her money. She's kicking it when Tommy Sheriff walks up.

Ash is fighting the intestines of Penis Ring. Yes, that body was pretty damned specific.

Tommy is telling Kelly there are a lot of unexplained deaths in town, and he's guessing Ash fits into it somehow. He'll ask the coroner. She stops him from joining Ash, but he'd probably wish she didn't, as he's got his head in Penis' ass, dick right over his face.

Lillian Pendergrass died of pneumonia. She's waiting for Ash on Brock's couch where Brock is trying to forget Ash. Ash and Kelly are on their way back, Kelly's head hanging out the window. Even seeing Ash makes me want to vomit.

Lillian is freshening up for sexy time with Brock.

Ruby has Pablo hogtied and suspended from the ceiling in Ash's bedroom. She says he's having a premonition. Pablo wakes up on the floor, telling Ruby she tried to kill him. Deadite Lillian storms the room. Nothing worse than an old, wrinkled Deadite.

Ruby has slime on her face. No, seriously. I think it's Slime, like the stuff I used to play with as a kid.

Ruby knows what the kids are going to do. Raise their father. Where's the book?? Safe and sound in the Delta. Which is currently being stolen.

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Look, I would trust a blind proctologist over her, but you know the deal.


Ash: Poor fellow, guess he didn't have the heart to carry on without me.
Kelly: Or the food.