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Ash grieves overs Brock's body in the middle of the road. After coming to terms with his fathers death, he attempts to put his brains back in and searches for his missing eyeball.

Suddenly, the possessed Delta appears with a still trapped Lacey inside, screaming for help.

Pablo goes to open the door, but just as he is about to touch the handle, it flings open and the the seatbelt reaches out and pulls Pablo inside. With both Pablo and Lacey prisonors inside the car, the Delta speeds away and attempts to run Ash down.

Ash is able to jump out of the way, as the Oldsmobile zooms past him while running over his fathers body once more.

Ash meets up with an intoxicated Chet and persuades him to let Ash borrow his car. While they are driving in pursuit of the Delta, Chet notices and questions why Ash's chainsaw and shotgun are in his back seat.

Ruby and Kelly arrive back at Ash's camper and ransack his impressive armory of assault weapons to use against the spawn. Kelly is growing suspicious of Ruby's secretiveness regarding her children and raising their father, Baal. Ruby explains that is he is summoned to their world, even she will not be powerful enough to stop him.

While in the possessed Delta, the Necronomicon comes to life and speaks to a terrified Pablo. Pablo sees a reflection of himself possessed by the book and the car crashes.

Pablo awakens in the street and finds himself having been impaled in the chest by a metal pole, unable to free himself. Ash suddenly appears and helps Pablo remove it. Ash then forces Pablo into the trunk of his car, telling him it's the only way to be rid of the Necronomicon, as Ash locks him inside..

Pablo then awakens again, with the crash having been another vision. Ash has caught up with the Delta, however he soon loses track of it as it outmaneuvers him.

Ash fills in Chet on his mission and the Deadites, to which Chet wants in on the action. However, Ash dismisses Chet getting involved.

Kelly and Ruby arrive back at the crematorium searching for her remaining spawn. Now heavily armed, they enter the building searching for the spawns nest.

They are attacked, but Kelly and Ruby work together and are able to kill the last of her children.

Ash tracks down the Delta by following the car's motor oil leaks. He ends up in a vacant demolition derby arena. The Delta appears and chases down Ash, who is able to stop the car long enough to allow Pablo and Lacey to escape. The Necronomicon also flees the car and attacks Pablo.

The now empty car continues to chase down Ash as he continues to evade it. Pablo is able to get the upper hand on the book and proceeds to stab it repeatedly with a shard of glass. The book tells Pablo that there is another way to be free from the visions and that is to send the book to hell.

Ash is finally able to stop the possessed Delta be cutting into the engine through the hood.

A spiraling portal to hell opens in the trunk of the car. Pablo approaches with the book as he and Ash agree on throwing it in. Pablo does so, and the portal disappears.

As Pablo and Ash leave the arena feeling victorious, the trunk lid bursts back open as the flaming spirit of Baal emerges.

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Pablo you don't see another eyeball around here do you?


Well pop, I guess it's time to ride the pale horse, up to the discount hardware store in the sky.