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Kelly is a demon bitch being ruled by the demon inside her and somehow nobody can understand what he's saying. I've always wanted a more realistic situation with someone's mouth strapped with a cloth. This is it!

Demon Kelly wants to get drunk or high. Pablo tries to protest, but he is incapable when Kelly is the one suggesting it.

Amanda is a pain in the ass without a demon. Ruby, whoever the hell she is, puts up with her annoying travel companion really well. 

When Pablo gets back into the tailer, Kelly is smoking weed out of Ash's shotgun. Man, things are not going well.

As the Brujo winkles his beads around Ash's head and all that stuff, Ash just rolls his eyes.

Demon Kelly gets the shotgun shells out in the hopes of putting them back into the shotgun without him noticing. 

Thankfully, he's very skittish and she gets pissed, showing her demon face. While she's going that, Ash gets the cloth out of his mouth. They get to Pablo just in time.

Pablo almost throws up as Demon Kelly eats some worms the Brujo feeds to her. She throws them up all over Ash's legs and feet, Brujo pours some water on her head, and it looks like she pees. Pablo really freaks out, begging for Kelly to please fight.

The sausage demon crawls up and out of Kelly. Then he plays a game of chicken that Ash ultimately wins by shooting first and thinking...never.

The Brujo, however, is dead. 

Pablo presents Ash with his new hand. He can not only make a fist, which he's going to shove up a deadite's ass, but he can give them the finger, too.

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

This is shitty! I mean, I feel like I'm the soux chef of his exorcism kitchen. Oh man. exorcisms are the worst.


Ash, this demon is never coming out and you know it. There is only one way to put an end to all this.