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Arrow Shocker: Who's Out?

Arrow Shocker: Who's Out?

Arrow is losing another original series regular. The latest of which will likely come as a huge shock to longtime fans of the series. Get all the details.
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Arrow Promo: Colin Donnell Returns!

Arrow Promo: Colin Donnell Returns!

Colin Donnell returns on Arrow Season 6 Episode 21, but will he be able to prevent Oliver from spending a long time in jail? Watch the full promo now!
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Arrow Season 6 Episode 20 Review: Shifting Allegiances

Arrow Review: Shifting Allegiances

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 20, most people are trying to put the past behind them and move forward to stop the evil in town. Does it make any difference?
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Arrow Quotes

Curtis: I brought crogurts.
Rene: Crogurts?
Curtis: I didn't name them. I just eat them.

You know Oliver, somebody once told me that secrets have weight. The more you keep, the harder it is to keep moving.