On Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 Green Arrow is back in Star City several months after the explosion of Lian Yu. But the Emerald Archer has to deal with new and old foes.

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Episode Details

In the Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 premiere titled "Fallout", Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow deals with the fallout of the explosion on the island.

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 (59 Votes)
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Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Raisa [to Oliver]: You had trouble fitting in, in age.
Oliver [to Raisa]: What?! What are you talking about? I had Tommy.
Raisa [to Oliver]: I wouldn't call having a friend who helps you get in trouble, "fitting in".
Oliver [to Raisa]: That's a fair point.

Black Siren: God you're such a bitch!
Black Canary: Yeah it takes one to know one, sweetheart!