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Oliver and Diggle trap Virgil and some members of The Ninth Circle during an transaction. They grab an encrypted ARGUS drive from them before the Circle runs away. 

Felicity discovers that the drive is actually from the Defense Intelligence Agency. Diggle says he knows the general. At the general's office, Oliver asks why Diggle's acting so strange. 

Diggle evades small talk with General Stewart and asks him if he has any intel he can give Team Arrow about the Ninth Circle. The two get into an argument about Diggle's career and protecting family. Stewart clues Oliver in that he's Diggle's step-father. 

Felicity and Alena discuss Archer. Alena tells Felicity she could set a meeting between Felicity and Dr. Magnus who could financilly provide Smoak Tech. with what they need to expand. 

Felicity's workspace is broken into by the Ninth Circle. She tries to stop them before the DIA comes in and gets rid of them, but the Circle manages to steal the tablet with the Archer program on it. 

Team Arrow regroups in the bunker with Stewart. Stewart reveals the DIA drive contained a list of assests they have on the field. Now that Emiko has Archer she can easily find them and take them out before getting the information she needs. 

Oliver asks Diggle why he never mentioned he had a stepfather. Diggle tells him that Stewart let his father die in his operation, and than entered their lives shortly after. He forced the Diggle brothers to do drills, and Diggle never forgave him for leaving his father behind. 

Rene confides in Dinah and says he hopes Emiko is somehow able to redeem herself. 

Stewart tells Team Arrow that one of his assests isn't accounted for. Diggle says he's coming with him to find this asset because he doesn't trust Stewart to do it alone. 

Oliver, Dinah and Rene break into a bunker and the assest tells them they just blew his operation. Stewart and Diggle have been tricked and are taken out by the Ninth Circle. 

Team Arrow works together to try and find information as to where Diggle and Stewart are. Felicity decides to dig into Stewart's records to find out why the Ninth Circle wants him. 

Diggle and Stewart argue while kidnap. They do end up coming up with a plan to escape but before they can inact it, someone comes into the room and tasers Stewart. 

Felicity finds out that the mission that Diggle believed to have killed his father was actually a success and Stewart lied to him about it to protect him. 

Virgil starts torturing Diggle until Stewart finally breaks and tells him the code for the drive. After he leaves the two manage to escape their confines and give their team the their location. They manage to all escape. 

Stewart tells the team that the Ninth Circle was a deadly biological weapon that his team from the DIA shelved years ago for being to dangerous. He tells them he doesn't know where it is, which is why they stole Archer. 

Alena and Felicity work together to track Archer. Felicity admits that she wanted to create something that could change the world that was seperate from Team Arrow. 

Diggle is upset with Stewart but Oliver tells him he deserves Diggle's trust. He tells him that his father didn't die because of Stewart, he died due to negilgance, and if it wasn't for Stewart, more people would've died. 

Emiko and her team find the weapon and Team Arrow is far behind them. Felicity's boosters are working and she can't get control of Archer. Stewart helps guide the team during their mission. 

Felicity decides to destroy Archer before the Ninth Circle has the chance to use it again. Emiko sends her team away with the weapon while she deals with Oliver. 

Oliver tells her that Dante's the one who killed her mother but she doesn't believe him. They fight and Oliver continues to try and talk some sense into her. It doesn't work and she escapes with Dante. 

After the failed mission, Diggle tells Stewart he knows the truth. Stewart says Diggle deserved to think his father was a hero and became one himself because of that lie. Diggle says he's a hero because of Stewart. 

Felicity apologizes to Alena for destroying their only valuable piece of tech. Alena tells her she copied the code that helped build Archer and she says they could rebuild. 

Felicity decides its best to leave Archer alone. Alena tells Felicity whatever they decide to build will be brilliant because of Felicity. 

Emiko shoots Dante with multiple arrows and demands he tell her why he killed her mother. He says she was the last piece of weakness holding Emiko back. She kills him. 


Felicity's attempts at getting the Galaxy One helmet working are going awry. Mia and Connor go search for someone who can get the equipment she needs. 

Mia tells Connor that the issue with the intel she gathered is that the guy selling galaxy merchandise is in Deathstroke territory. Connor tells her to let him handle this. Mia doesn't trust him, but he shows the guy at the frontgate a mark on his neck to prove he knows JJ. 

He tells Mia that JJ is his brother and that he rebelled and joined the Deathstroke gang because he hated the expectations his parents put on him. 

Connor brings Mia the tech they need. He tells her that he hasn't seen his brother in over a year. She asks what happened and he says his brother and Diggle fought all the time, and he got caught in the middle. 

Mia apologizes for being mad at him for lying, not realizing how hard it must've been for him. The two are ambushed by JJ's gang members. They are forced to hide and share an intense look before leaving. 

Felicity manages to get the helmet to work and figures out that it has the power to destroy tons and an army of them would be unstoppable. 

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Diggle: Why did you let me believe a lie?
General Stewart: Every child deserves to believe his father is a hero, and believing it, you became one. If he could see you today, I know he would be so proud of you.
Diggle: If I'm a hero, it's all because of you. Sir.

Mia: I'm sorry.
Connor: It's not your fault.
Mia: No, it's just I got so mad at you for lying to me that I never thought about how much it sucked for you, and not having anybody to share things with.
Connor: Life...was unfair to both of us.