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Bank robbery in progress. Canary Cary does some damage while Speedy and Green Arrow ride up. The Ghosts are back to knocking over armored cars.

Thea manages to control her bloodlust.

The federal government sent money to prop up Star City Bank, but Oliver wanted to make sure it didn't happen. 

HIVE is operating out of a dead city with an almost dead police department. Felicity is still trying to get DNA evidence off of the tooth. Maybe Ray can help.

Diggle shows Oliver Andy's file. It doesn't track with what he knew of his brother. Oliver thinks Andy deserves the benefit of the doubt. 

Flashback. Things aren't always what they seem. 

Felicity is at home, and has asked Ray to come over to help. Wolfman Biologics has a patent on strapion trioxide, which is what was used to scramble the DNA of the tooth.

Alex wants Oliver to go to the PBA. Rent a tux. He thinks cleaning up the Star City Bay is a hippy crunchy program that isn't worthy of his time. They need to focus on crime and jobs. 

Alex thinks Oliver is onto them. But before any of that can be discussed, Felicity calls. They have to go to Wolfman to find the chemical so Ray can use it to unscramble the tooth stuff.

There is a whole gaggle of people on the alert and ready to attack. They aren't alone.

Diggle goes for an ID on the Ghost who shot at them and it's Andy. Andy gets the drop on Dig and takes off.

Oliver wants to get him out of HIVE, but Diggle doesn't really want to. His brother is dead.

Flashback: The boys are infighting. Oliver wonders what he's gonna do to the other guy. Nothing. He wants Oliver to do it.

Lance is chatting with Damien. Damien thinks Lance called last week's meeting to allow Green Arrow and friends to follow him. The death of his daughter is not the most terrible thing he can threaten him with.

Malcolm calls Thea. Uh oh. He's in her living room. He knows he bloodlust has returned and wants to help. He has a file, inside is the name of a pedophile who has no convictions. He wants her to be Dexter.

At the benefit, Felicity chats about Oliver dressing in leather and tying people up as an old lady passes by.

Oliver asks Lance for the location of HIVE soldiers. Lance tells him about the chat with Darhk. Oliver worries he may be in trouble. Hopefully not, but he has a dock number for him.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Dig are talking. Resurrected siblings are kind of in her wheelhouse. Sara wasn't really a member of an organization of killer? Ahem.

Oliver meets Damien Darhk. Darhk wants to work with Oliver. He wants Oliver to leave the bay as it is. If he doesn't, Oliver won't be running unopposed for much longer.

Felicity doesn't want Oliver to lose sight of why he is running for mayor, to give the city hope and inspiration. 

Flashback: Oliver has to whip Conklin in front of the group.

Alex and Thea go on a date. He thinks it's crazy that her friend is reunited with his brother after 8 years. Did she give him her crown? After all she had 5 years with Oliver. Someone hits on her and she hits on him, hard. Like an animal.

Lyla and Diggle chat. He used to daydream about his brother being back. Oliver drops by. Oliver wants to go to Dock 52. Diggle wants Thea and Laurel to sit this one out.

At the dock, Damien is telling a new crew of men to take a new yellow pill. It will make them cooperative. Green Arrow and Diggle are spotted. Andy gives the order to kill the "Green one." They probably could have used Speedy and Black Canary.

Diggle wants to let Andy go and wants Oliver to do it too. Dig says that he keeps holding out hope and finding excuses for people just because they're family. Oliver wants to hold out hope because he believes that no matter how dark things get, he needs to believe that you can come back from that. Dig says that's exactly what led him to the League last year, and it seems he's learned nothing from that. Why in the hell would he want to get in bed with Damien Darhk? Fighting Darhk from the inside is doing it in the shadows. They need to fight him in the light of day.

Flashback: Oliver tells Tiana Vlad is dead.

Felicity and Ray talk about his life. He's not pleased looking back and realizing nobody missed him. He assures Felicity it's not self-pity, but self-reflection. If he's going to come back to life, he needs to know what he's living for. We could probably all use a little of that.

Ray discovers where Damien is keeping his army. A defunct psychiatric society. They're not taking down the ghosts, but they're going after Andy. Diggle still thinks they're making a mistake. They go in and are quickly overpowered.

ATOM flies in to help. Meanwhile Damien corners Speedy and recognizes her fighting style. He lays a hand on her and something happens to him. His skin turns red and he gets veiny.

Diggle goes to talk to his brother. Oliver has decided to fight Darhk in the light of day.

Thea asks Malcolm over. She's still not going to take his advice. She might have found a different way to control her bloodlust. One that does not include killing people. It includes Damien Darhk. When he tries to use his powers on her, it backfired. She wants Malcolm to try to find a way to make that permanent.

Diggle goes to talk with Andy. Is what's in the file true? Yes. All of it. Tears sting Dig's eyes.

Thea talks to Alex on the day Oliver announces his campaign program. As for Oliver, he throws down the gauntlet as Damien looks on.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

That HIVE murderer was nothing like my brother. The man who was my brother is dead. He's dead.


Even death's not permanent anymore! Sorry.