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Oliver gets home before Thea dies and gets her to the hospital. She crashes in the ER and they start CPR, reviving her. He falls back against the wall. It's unlikely she'll regain consciousness and they ask him to consider options, such as organ donation.

Malcolm arrives. As he begins to cry, it's hard to imagine he had any other outcome from his actions than this.

Felicity and Diggle show up just as Oliver sees a smoke signal out in the city. He goes and finds Maseo. Did he do this? Again with the taunt. Take your rightful place and he can save her.

Oliver finally calls Malcolm the reason Thea is lost. Malcolm knows the Lazarus Pits change a person in their soul and he doesn't want Oliver to use it. Oliver doesn't care.

Felicity asks Ray for his jet and he lets her go, in more ways than one.

Malcolm suggests trying STAR Labs before Nanda Parbat. He'd rather lose her forever than subject her to the pit.

On the jet, Oliver tells Felicity about the time he came back to Starling City when he was on the island. 

The entire LoA is there to greet them with Ra's when they get off of the plane. They immediately begin to prepare for the ritual.

Diggle gets acquainted with Sarab and he's not all that impressed. 

They lower Thea into the pit and she pops out in under a second. Literally pops, like a frog.

Thea doesn't know much when she gets out. She says Ollie is dead, but she recognizes Malcolm as dad and says she loves him. Huh? Felicity is angry.

Felicity goes to Ra's al Ghul and he's impressed with her fire. She promises they're gonna fight to free Oliver. Ra's tells her about his great love. He says she has the opportunity that was denied him, to tell Oliver she loves him and say goodbye before he's gone forever.

Felicity does her "talk to" think and pumps Oliver up, telling him she loves him for the first time. That happened and they're both glad it did.

Felicity drugs Oliver. She won't lose him. Oh, Felicity's in trouble. She looks to Malcolm to get Oliver out of there. Oliver wakes up before their escape and Oliver stays with the LoA.

At home, Thea wakes up. Malcolm is happy as a pig in shit to be with his daughter, free of the LoA. 

Felicity goes to see Laurel, crying. She tells he joined the LoA and he's not coming back.

Ra's is angry that League blood was shed and he wants to know who shed it and why Oliver let his people leave. Maseo steps up and offers his life. Ra's refuses to spill Sarab's blood for Maseo's actions. Ra's then reminds Al Saheem Oliver Queen must be extinguished from memory.

Ra's seems to think being branded with an arrow will erase his past memory. Oliver Queen is dead and only the Arrow remains. Al Saheem, heir to the demon.



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Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Welcome home Al Sah-him

Ra's al Ghul

Malcolm: The waters change a person in the soul. Even if they work, the Thea you get back would not be the one we lost.
Oliver: The one we lost because of you!