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Ray and Felicity arrive at Diggle's wedding. Thankfully, Ray is a minister. Lyla's friend cannot make it. Awkward!

Ray officiates and even sparks laughter at the ceremony, which makes Oliver uncomfortable.

The vows between Diggle and Lyla are quite unconventional.

Laurel is sporting a cast. She has a new, enthusiastic trainer.

Felicity and Oliver talk. He says Ray saved the day and he's happy if she's happy. All he's ever wanted is for her to be happy and have a normal life.

In the middle of the reception, the entire group receives a ping that the Arrow has started killing again. Ray hits up the mayors office to help Capt. Lance, pledging money to the cause.

Diggle and Lyla decide to head off to Fiji, but their limo is already occupied -- by Deadshot.

Flashback to Floyd and his family, when he was returning from duty. 

Oliver is fighting himself, many of himselves, as there are a whole crapload of Arrows out wreaking havoc at the behest of Ra's al Ghul. Maseo is there, asking Oliver to embrace it and not fight against his master. He slams down some poppits and all of the Arrows disappear, leaving Oliver alone while ATOM extrapolates his face mesh like a SIM. Whoops.

Ray realizes Felicity knew about Arrow and Oliver all along. He doesn't know if he can trust her, but wants to proceed with his mission.

Floyd continues his memories. He was kind of crazy and wanted to kill himself or something, and his wife called 911.

Felicity stomps into the Arrow cave announcing Ray knows about Oliver and that he's out to take him down using her software.

Ray takes his photos to Laurel and she laughs at his digital images and his uncorroborated testimony. Ray wonders if she hurt herself training with a former vigilante. She bullies him, which doesn't seem like the best move, all things considered.

We get our first look at the senator being held hostage. He tells someone near him it will be alright because he's who he is. He pulls a gun on Lyla. They weren't supposed to send anybody. That's the whole point.

Floyd meets a drone, a member of HIVE who wants to pay for his skills. That's when he was paid to kill Andy Diggle. 

Ray and Oliver have a showdown. Oliver tells Ray Felicity chose him and to trust her. 

Deadshot sacrifices himself so Diggle and Laya can get home to Sara.

Lyla quits her job so one of them can be safe for Sara. 

Ray reneges his statement about the Arrow and then the mayor is shot by Maseo. 

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Laurel: Beautiful ceremony.
Oliver: Beautiful dress.
Laurel: Thank you.
Oliver: Did it come with the cast?
Laurel: I started fighting with a new trainer. She's enthusiastic.

Diggle: I see you brought your plus one.
Ray: Nice to meet you. Ray Palmer.
Diggle: John Diggle. [whispering into Ray's ear] You hurt her, they'll never find your body. [louder] Nice to meet you!