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Seth Gabel is back this week as The Count.

The Count escapes from the looney bin.

After a girl ODs on Vertigo, Det. Lance is certain Tommy sold it to her.

Oliver remembers his training with Shado on the island.

Tommy covers for Oliver at the Verdant basement with Quentin, but has no idea what Oliver is capable of and tells him so.

Diggle is unavailable during a crisis as he looks for his brother's killer, and is upset when he realizes the only person he thought would understand doesn't.

The Count is hiding inside his own prison.

Oliver is lured to the hospital an knocked unconscious. Yet more people know who "the hood" is.

Diggle might not have been there when Oliver wanted him but he is there when he needs him.

Tommy quits Verdant.

Oliver begins to help Diggle look into finding Deadshot.

Tommy goes to his father for a job.


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Arrow Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Well, you'll probably be shocked to hear I didn't go to medical school.


Oliver: Is there any chance she could have scored the drugs in here?
Tommy: Doubt it. I tried not to hire too many drug dealers.