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Diggle and Oliver are at odds over a name of the list on this episode of Arrow.

Diggle doesn't like that Oliver trusts the list more than he trusts him.

Thea thinks Moira is having an affair with Malcolm.

Thea celebrates her 18th birthday.

Malcolm takes Tommy and Laurel to dinner.

Laurel thinks Tommy should talk with Malcolm despite their uneasy relationship.

Thea takes Vertigo at her party and smashes her new convertible.

Moira gets proof from Malcolm that Walter is alive.

Oliver apologizes to Diggle for not having faith in him.

Thea gets arrested for driving under the influence.

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Arrow Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I could be wrong. The list isn't.


I thought you took that book off your father's dead body. How could he have been so chatty?