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The race against The Dark Archer is on during the Arrow Season 1 finale.

Oliver is held hostage by Malcolm but escapes.

Quentin loses his job because he is working with the vigilante.

They discover where the doomsday earthquake device is, dismantle it and discover there is a second.

The device rocks the city.

People make sacrifices.

Two make ultimate sacrifices.


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I can't stand policeman lance, laurels dad. He is such an anoying character, all he does through the season is try to start trouble for Ollie and Tomy, even though they saved his daughter like 100 times.
Laurel doesn't even stick up for them, in real life they both wld not bother dating her, it's to much drama with the dad. His like a scrappy dog that won't go away making his stupid faces. I love this show but when mr lance comes on its anoying. & the whole "u killed my daughter on a boat" thing is getting old, he seems to forget that his daughter was a slutty idiot, cheating with her sister bf.


Episode 21 and 22


In Australia we r only up2 episode 10 :(
Can anyone tell me wen Oliver's "bitch face of a mother" get found out by Oli?? 1) She knew/did about the Boat sabotage of her own son & husband 
2) had her son kidnapd & tortured for info
3) had Walter kidnapped Can anyone tell me, in which episode karma catches up to her?????


omo dis is increadible