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- Kelly Hu guest stars as China White on the second episode of Arrow.

- We are introduced to the Chinese Triad.

- Martin Sommers is the target of the episode.

- Moira and Walter want Oliver to become part of the company.

- Oliver and Diggle save Laurel's life.

- Oliver is declared legally resurrected.

- Thea convinces Oliver he needs to open up.

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>KevinThank you for your feedback which I rellay appreciate.I will definitely look up Made to Stick which I am yet to read.I love the notion of story telling through PowerPoint. I am getting better at it, but have a way to go yet.Ray

Arrow Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Home is a battlefield.

John Diggle

Before the island I was a jerk, but now I'm just a damaged jerk.