Michael hires a woman, Nellie, who might be his long-lost sister and may be just what the company needs.  Cool fact?  Nellie is played by Justine Bateman, Jason Bateman's real life sister.  She also starred in "Family Ties," from which the episode gets its name.

Arrested Development
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Arrested Development Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Lucille: Michael. What a surprise.
Michael: Really? Were you expecting somebody else? Maybe, uh, one of your two daughters?
Lucille: Oh, Lindsay and Tobias never visit.

(Michael is talking to Nellie)
Narrator: Hey, let's see what some of the other folks are up to.
(Shot of George Michael doing homework)
Narrator: Nothing there.
(Shot of George, Sr. clipping his toenails)
Narrator: Or there.
(Shot of Buster's nurse getting into bed with him)
Narrator: Oh, my ... Let's get back to Michael.