Arrested Development Season 3

"Development Arrested"

During the series finale, all charges against George Sr. are dropped and the real power behind the Bluth family is revealed.

"Exit Strategy"

George Michael has a surprise birthday party for Maeby, exposing her real age; Michael and Buster make a discovery when they go to Iraq to rescue Gob.

"Family Ties"

Michael hires a woman, Nellie, who might be his long-lost sister and may be just what the company needs.

George Sr. gets a lawyer, but Michael is nervous about a new mysterious witness; Buster pretends he's in a coma to avoid testifying.

In order to raise enough money to hire a new family lawer, the family pitches in for a company fundraiser, "Save Our Bluths."

"Making a Stand"

When Michael learns that George Sr. once again pitted him against Gob, he seeks revenge on his father.

"Prison Break-In"

Michael learns his mother is dating the prison warden and the Bluth Foundation dinner is being held in the prion's new wing.

"The Ocean Walker"

Michael decides to marry Rita and the family opposes the idea until they learn she's rich. Michael then learns what everyone else knows.. she's mentally handicapped.

Gob tries to trick Japanese investors by creating a "Tiny Tony;" Tobias mistakes a CIA agent for a talent agent from CAA.

Michael enters a father-son triathlon with Gob's son to prove his masculinity to Rita; Maeby enters an "Inner Beauty Contest."


The new attorney plans George Sr.'s defense as he tries to escape; Michael tries to hide his family from Rita; Gob shows off his "Forget-Me-Now" pills.

"For British Eyes Only"

Michael falls for a British woman, Rita (Charlize Theron), while investigating George Sr.'s claim that a British construction company set him up.

"The Cabin Show"

Michael learns it's Oscar serving his father's sentence and goes to find George Sr; Gob learns he has a son.

Arrested Development
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Arrested Development Season 3 Quotes

Taste the tears, Michael.


Gob: (embracing Michael) Taste the happy, Michael. Taste it.
Michael: It tastes kind of like sad.