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Karn lies to his wife and Hodiak about his injuries. He pretends to not remember Manson. Neither Hodiak nor Grace believes him. Karn asks Hodiak to leave.

Hodiak asks Grace about her relationship with Karn's secretary. He's going to need a favor.

Emma tells Charlie there's no food in the kitchen. He is unconcerned, and tells her to use her power to overcome it and do something to support "the dream."

Hodiak contacts Manson's PO again in an attempt to track him down. Manson failed to check in, Hodiak asks the PO to track down an address.

Shafe is on the phone with his friend Mikey who he took dope from in the last episode. There's a rumor going around that Shafe is police. 

On their way over to intimidate Mikey, Hodiak and Shafe respond to a call about the body of a white woman dumped in a predominately black neighborhood. The husband of the victim gives a racist speech about the neighborhood when interviewed.

Charlies sends Emma in to steal something as a test.

Karn and his law partner discuss Charlie and how to resolve the situation with Emma. The PO calls, and the partner takes it instead of Karn.

Emma takes a coat off a manequin and puts it under her shirt but hesitates when she sees a cop outside. The owner catches her, and Charlie walks in. He tells her to bite the man and she runs. Charlie walks out to the car with the coat. He verbally destroys her when he gets in the car. The owner is tied up in the story with a blade wound across his eyes.

Hodiak and Shafe investigate at the murder victims house. Hodiak thinks it's the husband, who has brain cancer. 

The partners go for milkshakes while they let their suspect stew. At the diner, Hodiak gets a call from Chairmain. The Nankings had never been victims of a crime.

Hodiak brings the husband a milkshake and confronts him about his lie. All the calls to the cops were about the Mankins themselves, not crimes against them.

Shafe is interviewing neighbors when representatives from the Nation of Islam show up. Hodiak decides to arrest one of them, Bunchy Carter.

Hodiak and Shafe take a break from their case to intimidate Mikey, who gives in and tells them who he told Shafe was a cop.

With Mikey and Bunchy in the backseat bickering, the detectives head to the diner where Shafe made the drug bust in the first episode. They work out a deal with Art Gladner to give up his supplier and higher ups, and to refute the rumor that Shafe is cop. Hodiak gets physical in the process.

Charlie is playing his music for a man Karn introduced him to. He's told he needs a demo.

At Karn's fundraiser, Grace calls Hodiak. Charlie shows up at the event. He thanks Karn for the introduction, but continues to threaten him with revealing the information about the prostitutes, and refuses to return Emma. He then asks for $2000.

Back at the encampment, Emma has brought back bushels of food scavenged from supermarket dumpsters. Charlie renames her "Cherry Pop."

Hodiak's son returns home. They discuss Walt's service and how things have changed. 

Hodiak has Bunchy in an interview room, and Bunchy asks for his lawyer.

Mankin comes to the station thinking that he needs to identify a suspect. Hodiak tries to get Mankin to confess, and tells him that there is a witness in the next room. He then tells Chairmain to bring the lawyer to him as soon as he arrives. Shafe is uncomfortable with the situation, and get's kicked out of the room. When Chairmain is called to women's booking, she tells him to misdirect Mankin's lawyer when he arrives. After Mankin writes out and signs his confession, Hodiak arrests him and reads him his rights.

Hodiak releases Bunchy, who tells him that his arrest has inspired him to change the system. Hodiak has known Bunchy since he was a child

 Hodiak reprimands Shafe about interfering with the interrogation, and Shafe confronts him over his unethical practices, mainly arresting and holding Bunchy. Hodiak insists its not about race, and Shafe says he can't work with him if it's going to be like that. Shafe asks for a ride home.

In the driveway, Shafe's neighbor just stares at him as he tries to make smalltalk. As they walk inside, a woman is reading to a child. Shafe's wife is black, explaining why is so sensitive to the issue. Hodiak looks shocked but quickly recovers. Shafe agrees to continue with Emma's case.

Hodiaks detective Buddy tells him the only way for a solider to get stateside is if a parent is dying. He drives over and confronts his ex-wife over faking a terminal illness to get Walt out of Vietnam. Inside the house, Walt is gone.

Grace tells Hodiak that Kern had nine calls from Manson that he never took or returned. They discuss why they married their spouses. 

Kern shows up at Charlie's compound. He gives him half of the requested money, and will give Charlie the rest when Emma is let go. Charlie kisses Kern, and Emma knocks on the door. Charlie sends her away and resumes things with Karn.


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