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Los Angeles 1967: Parents are fighting over drinks and girl sneaks out to meet a boy.  They are followed.

They go to party, and separate, drawn off by different girls.  Emma has a bizarre conversation with a stranger--Charles  Manson

Sam Hodiak takes a call from an ex-girlfriend about her missing teenage daughter, Emma.

Hodiak hotwires his own car.  

He talks to the parents about Emma, the case can't be public because Mr Karn is running for political office.

Hodiak and Grace discuss his family, than she breaks down in his arms as her husband watches form the house

Hodiak tracks down the boyfriend, Rick, and interviews him.

Hodiak goes to the house where the party was held and attempts to interview the owner and any party guests, but is told to leave.

Emma is in the woods with Manson and his followers. Katie tells Emma that Manson has a vision, and that the group is going to help him achieve it.

There is a protest outside of a diner where an undercover cop makes a drug bust. The cop gets arrested himself as he leaves.

Hodiak, is at the precinct as a paddy wagon unloads protesters. A young patrolwoman fills him in on the owner of the house.  He notices the undercover cop, Brian Shafe, being brought in.

Shafe and the beat cop get into a fight in the lieutenant's office.  Hodiak speaks to the lieutenant about him.

Hodiak wants Shafe to go undercover to help with Emma's case. Shafe doesn't like Hodiak, but has to help unless he wants to go back to uniform.

Hodiak finds Rick on campus, and questions him some more.  Neither Hodiak nor Shafe can remember the wording for the recently mandatory Miranda warning.  While Hodiak looks for a pay phone, Shafe questions Rick.

Flashback to the party: Emma walks in on Rick with another girl. He chases her but Charlie stops him.

Back in the car, Rick fills Shafe in on what he knows about Charlie, and Shafe lets him go.

Emma is unsure of how special she is to Charlie since he's with all the girls. Emma realizes the girl she's talking to is the girl who was with Rick.

Charlie and Emma are talking, and she wants to know how he knows so much about her. He avoids the question, but seduces her with words about how they are special and can change things. The other girls come in, and there's an orgy.

Hodiak and Shafe discuss the needing a woman to go undercover to find Charlie.  Shafe needs some "dope."

Hodiak and Shafe recruit the patrolwoman, Chairmain Tully,  from before to go undercover.

Tully and Shafe go to a party at the house Emma disappeared from. Shafe gets Charlies last name, but the mustachioed man over hears the questioning.  He tells Shafe he can take Tully to Manson, after he "ploughs" her. Shafe manages to avoid an immediate situation

Back at the station, Tully expresses disdain that Shafe uses drugs, and he explains that it gets weird sometimes but he'd never let her be forced into sex with anyone.

Hodiak goes through Manson's very colorful police record. The partners go to visit Manson's parole officer.

Turns out that Emma's father was Manson's lawyer.  He has been calling the law office, but Karn won't talk his calls.

Hodiak meets Grace for drinks, and updates her on the case.

Manson surprises Karn in the parking garage. Manson used to pimp girls out to Karn. He wants an introduction to people in the music "biz".  Manson tells Karn he has Emma. After Karn gets out of the car, Charlie pulls a blade on him . A car drives by ending the altercation.

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Aquarius Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Shafe: You've got to read him his rights.
Hodiak: What?
Shafe: That new, uh, that Miranda thing.
Hodiak: Miranda? Who?
Shafe: Hey, you gotta it.
Hodiak: You, dirtbag, have the right to, but you don't deserve, or I'll kick your teeth in. How's that?
Shafe: Seriously?
Hodiak: I can't remember it exactly.
Shafe: You know it?
Hodiak: Do you?
Shafe: I got the, uh, card that they handed out.

They can't see who we really are. We're special. We're powerful. And we can change everything.